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See OKIES interview at Capitol by OETA



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"Facing America's Independents"

a documentary about how independent voters see themselves. See IndependentVoting.org

















 “As soon as several of the inhabitants of the United

States have conceived a sentiment or an idea that they want to produce in the world, they seek each other out; and when they have found each other, they unite.  From then on, they are no longer isolated men, but a power one sees from afar, whose actions serve as an example…”

- Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America



Consider Running for Office in 2010:

   Filing Dates are June 7,8,9


Release: Independents Want More Candidates (pdf)



Release: ‘Clean Campaign Act’ needs reform (pdf)

 House Bill 2196 passes House, but needs to be

 reformed before going forward because it protects

 incumbents by severely limiting challengers’ ability

 to raise funds and maybe even pay their filing fee.


Tripartisanship: The Okahoman editorializes about

  OKIES and the increasing number of Independents. 



Release: More and More Oklahoma Independents 

 (pdf)  9,715 more Oklahomans registered as 

 Independent since 2006.  This was out of 13,564

 new registrations.  Bringing the total number of

 Independents to 219,230, or 11%


● Thinking about running for office in 2008?  See the

   OKIES 2008 candidates and recruitment page.



● OKIES member Kim Wright founds the

  Organized Independent Voters of Southwest Oklahoma


Initiative Petition: Oklahomans for Ballot Access Reform

   to give voters more choices: www.OkVoterChoice.org


The Sunday Oklahoman covers efforts to increase voters’

   choices at the ballot.


 ● Are voters more dissatisfied with major party politics? 

 Only 15% of voting age Oklahomans voted in 2006 primary,

 or 21% of registered voters, a fifty year low. 

 Also, three of four legislative primary races went unopposed.


  Why do we limit ourselves to only two choices?”

    asks Jamie Lopp in a letter to the Oklahoman.


 A Sunday Oklahoman editorial on OKIES shows why

 redistricting reform is needed. More background added here.


 Release: OKIES Support Redistricting Reform html / pdf


   Rep. McMullen fights for Redistricting Reform (HB 1937)

Gov. Henry says an Independent Commission may help.


 OK House to have Saturday session:

 Access to our state government shouldn’t be limited to

 lobbyists and special interests,” said Speaker Lance Cargill.


 Release: OKIES Supports Ballot Access Reform

   html / pdf More information at www.OkVoterChoice.org


 OKC- Tim Russert says safe districts makes divisive politics


 ● Oklahoma civics classes are not teaching students how to

   participate in government says Center for Civic Education


 Ballot Access Reform Bills Introduced. (1/10/07)


 OKIES Issues page updated. (12/28/06)


 OKIES interview (3 min) at the Capitol by OETA. (12/4/06)


 Three reasons why Oklahoma needs more voter choice.


 OKIES in the Tulsa World. (12/5/06)


 Legislators see problems with straight ticket voting (11/28/06)


 Urban Tulsa article mentions OKIES. (11/15/06)


 Release: OKIES members bring up new issues: html / pdf


Who we are:

Oklahomans who want their voice heard in state and local government, but do not fit into the two major parties.



What we stand for:

OKIES wants to bring more voter choice to Oklahoma.  Coalition members have many different views on specific policies, but all agree that a government answerable to the people is essential.


What we are doing

OKIES seeks to provide a voice for the 200,000 Independents across the state by recruiting and supporting independent-minded candidates and promoting reform that engages more voters in the democratic process.



 A Virginia Independent probably decided control of the    

US Senate, demonstrating the power Independents can hold. 


 An Oklahoma Democratic leader sounds concerned

  because six state House seats were decided by a total

  of only 802 votes. 


 See 2006 Election Results for Oklahoma Independents.


 The Sapulpa Herald highlights Independents. (11/7/06)


 The Oklahoman says our ballot access laws are too tough.


 Four reasons to reform Oklahoma’s ballot access laws.


 OKIES endorses pro-ballot access reform candidates.

     Read the press release: html / pdf. (11/1/06)


 OU Daily article highlights Independents and the need

     for ballot access reform. (11/1/06)


 OKIES member Richard Prawdzienksi says it is scary

   “how our two-party power structure forces both candidates

    and voters into undesirable positions” and that “with parties

   of their own, the true agenda of a candidate would stand out

   clearly” in a Gazette commentary. (11/1/06)


 Press coverage of the formation of OKIES. (11/1/06)


 Oklahoma Coalition of Independents announces formation

     in a statewide press release (10/27/06).


 FairVote.org ranks Oklahoma (pdf) as having the most landslided Congressional races in the nation and ranks us 42nd on their Democracy Index. (10/24/06)


OKIES Coalition Members



Clark Duffe

(405) 760-3108





Jimmy Cook

OK Libertarian Chair

(918) 342-3108  





Richard Prawdzienski

Ind. for House 39

(405) 844-7577 





Elmer Zen Million

Ind. for Lt. Governor

(405) 366-7800



Oklahoma City


James Branum

Ind./Green for House 99 

(405) 476-5620  





Bob Batterbee

Ind. for House 74

(918) 230-8943





David Splinter



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